Sunday, March 29, 2009

The consequences of utter interesting

there will be perfect happiness felt when we have an obligation to do all creator, and to all beings life Copyright . say it is a very easy to say, flavored, and sweetly. but more difficult to exercise behavior that reflects the nature - the nature of charity and noble soleh.

people who told other people to do good deeds while he was leaving it alone, and prohibit other people do crime while he violation , will be placed in Hell.

habits are a number of scholars to remove the charity told before removing the charity of others. then he told the new meal, which then response with very enthusiastic.

a counsel in the early centuries of Islam distribution, told other people want to free slaves. many of the slaves themselves in the community requesting donations. steps to collect funds is done on a fairly long time, and then freed a slave. be in the van after the slave redemption, new orders of others. step, followed by many people, and many slaves who were freed.

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