Sunday, March 29, 2009

Think and be thankful !

Remember that each favor of Allah gave to you. health agencies, state security, food and clothing, air and water, are all available in our lives. begutulah however, you have the world, but never realize it. you control life, but never know.

if you think that, with the second run leg is something sepel, are acapkali become swollen feet when used continuously there is no way of stopping? whether you think that standing upright above the second calf is something that is easy, both sendagkan can not aaja strong and when a fracture?

so remember how it ourselves when asleep, when the folks around us can not fall asleep because of the pain?

so you are actually there is no counterpart in the comfort and body perfection, but the tone does not realize it. you still feel worried, sad and nervous, although the tone still have rice to eat warm, fresh water to drink.

you often think there is something that does not, forget andapun so grateful that already exists. while you still hold the key to happiness. then think of all that, and then be grateful.

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