Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sprituality of misliting

Spirituality is misleading
Assalamualaikum ... friends - all my friend, now the world is broken! Are now many ways to mislead brother - our brother Muslims. from the trust - trust that can not logically be thought of by ourselves. most of the brother - our brother kercayaan themselves feel that they believe from their fathers to help them even if they do that it is not true.

isn't we can only trust one kepercayan ?????? Bukankan people we Muslims have a guide?! Not ends, we as a people believe that Islam is entirely on the book - the book of Allah SWT and the Hadith-Hadith Muhammad SAW.

Remember we have a god who knows what, and to set the - what is happening and what - what the people want in the World is short this !!!!!!!!! then believe that only Allah SWT who will listen, see, and know what we want, so do not ask, or ask to creation - the creation of Allah SWT but ask for or apply to the menciptkan world Allah SWT. We include a nice person - the person in Rahmati Allah SWT. Amin ,.,.,.,.,.,.

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